Payment Methods

1. Cash on Delivery
    The products are being deliver to you by courier and you pay at the delivery date.

2. Credit card
    If you have a credit card VISA, you can use it safely through our order formBy using a credit card you can pay up to 6 free installments, according to the capabilities and limitations of your card.

3. Bank deposit
    You can deposit money for your orders in one of the accounts of MALAMIDIS MARINE. Contact us for the exact amount including shipping costs.

    IBAN: GR950172390005239010769672 (Account Number 5239010769672)
    IBAN: GR5201407020702002320002611 (Account Number 702,002,320,002,611)

    After deposit, please contact the store by sending an email to acknowledge that it was deposited at [email protected] Otherwise you can contact us by phone on 2310 462602 or 2310 462190, or via fax to 2310 462 089.